The digitization of more than 60 diaries owned by Arnold Schönberg in the years 1900 and 1910 to 1951 has been completed. The entries for the years 1924–1932 have been accessible online in the image archive since October. The years 1920 to 1923 have now been NEWLY added as well.

Transcriptions of the diary entries from those years allow multifarious insights into Schönberg’s daily and weekly schedules at his home in Mödling, during his time in the Netherlands, on concert tours and at his desk, while also enabling the indexing of works, persons, places and events.

Are you interested in the sketch shown here, which has been taken from a 1923 diary?
Schönberg jotted down an idea for the main theme of the 2nd movement of his wind quintet op. 26.